The Pride of Russian River Valley

In 2008, businessman Chris O’neill teamed with 4th-generation farmer and seasoned winemaker Giovanni Balistreri to reclaim the rich history and enormous un-tapped potential of one of Sonoma County’s finest wine-making estates.  The estate lies in the heart of the Russian River Valley and thus proudly and appropriately bears its name. The partners understood the vast potential of this small estate.  It was not a place to build a large, corporate winery with big budgets and high volume production.  But it was a place where you could make fantastic wine if you took a careful, patient approach. 

Where We Go From Here

"Earth to Glass"

Winemaker Giovanni Balistreri brought the ideal combination of skill and experience to this endeavor.  A Sonoma County native, Balistreri understood what set the Russian River Valley apart.  The environment is very special, a unique combination of rich soil and a micro-climate created by the presence of the Russian River that could deliver the finest grapes for varietals such and Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, among others.  And Balistreri, coming from four generations of farmers, knew that in order to make the most of this special place, you must practice the fundamental techniques of good farming.  So all the grapes going into RRV wine would be the product of our labor.  And thus began a new chapter for the winery.  We call it an “earth to glass” approach.  

What you see at Russian River Vineyards today is the fruit of that labor started over a decade ago.  We produce award winning wines,  but we keep a strong connection to the roots of our product.  We are farmers first.  We take our craft seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We respect and honor the special place we are fortunate enough to work, and we want our customers to enjoy it and fall in love with it as we have.  So we strive to make our winery a welcoming, warm place for everyone.  We hope you will come by and visit us. 

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