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Sip and Stay Club

Stay at the RRV Vineyard House!

The RRV Vineyard House is available to book by invitation only.

How to Order for Drive-through Service

1. Order RRV wine online or call: (707) 887-2300
2. Order before 5pm on Thursdays to pick up Friday of the same week
3. Use the Promotion code at checkout: RRV_Pickup

How to Pick Up Your Order

1. Drive up to our estate on Fridays from 10am and 5pm
2. Follow the signs to our designated pick up spot
3. Do not get out of your car
4. Give your name to our staff member
5. We will load the wine into your car

Staff members will wear protective gloves & maintain a safe distance.

We'll See You There!
If you would like more information about the Sip and Stay Club and our Vineyard House please call 707-667-3344 or email
"Wine is the only artwork you can drink" 

- Luis Fernando Olaverri

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