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A Very Special Place

The Russian River Valley

The Russian River Valley is one of the world’s greatest winemaking regions.  Although it is often overshadowed by the more celebrated Napa Valley in the world of wine enthusiasts, the true devotees of great wine are very familiar with the magic of this valley.  So it was with the new owners of Russian River Vineyards just over a decade ago.  They set out to make the most of an incredible environment to make great wine.

What Makes it Special

The region boasts a rare combination of climate attributes.  It enjoys warm summer days which are important for sugar production in grapes, but its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and the Russian River itself, keep it cool at night via transmission of cold air and fog from the ocean.  The cool night temperatures preserve the acidity in the grapes.  This combination of warm days and cool nights allows farmers to achieve and maintain the delicate balance of sugar and acid.  That balance is a hallmark of quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines, and some of the world’s best wines made from those varietals can consistently be found here, vintage after vintage.  These attributes, combined with rich and diverse soil conditions, make the Russian River Valley a winemaker’s dream.   

"He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savors secrets"

- Salvador Dalì

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