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The Story Behind The Dog That Started It All

Chester was rescued off the streets of Baltimore City. A very social dog, he loved to greet guests and accompany them on tours of the RRV estate. Chester’s eyes were both piercing and of different colors, one being an eye-grabbing powder-blue.

A true "winery dog", Chester was an inspiration for adventure and enjoying the pleasures that the outdoors had to offer. 

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In honor of his time with us and contributing to the lifelong memories of visitors of the winery, we have created wines in his name. Similar to Chester, Russian River Vineyards strives to not take life too seriously. 

chester. Wines embody the spirit of people who live for adventure, dogs, and seeing all that life has to offer. Life shouldn't be taken so seriously. Enjoy a glass of wine and relax. 

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chester. Sparkling 

chester. Pinot Noir

chester. Chardonnay

chester. Red Blend

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water"

- Galileo Galilei

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