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Elegance & Simplicity

Our Chef: Lea Schleimer

Lea Schleimer is a skilled chef and culinary artist with a passion for creating dishes that reflect the beauty and richness of the local environment, much the way our wines express the "terroir" of their vineyards. Her Mission at Russian River Vineyards is to create dishes that are simple enough to be enjoyed outdoors in a casual environment, while elegant & flavorful enough to provide an outstanding dining experience as well as a perfect accompaniment to our wines.


Whether its fresh Dungeness crab from nearby Bodega Bay or vegetables picked from the garden at our estate, Lea works with locally & seasonally sourced ingredients to deliver food that embodies this unique and diverse region.  Lea's dishes are a perfect expression of what we call "Wine Country Food".   

On most days you can see Lea at our estate when she takes a break from the kitchen or comes out to pick herbs from our garden.  She is fond trying new recipes, and you really never know what treats you may find when you come by for a tasting.   If you are fortunate, you might pick a day when she is making her famous crabcakes, which are not to be missed.  

Among Lea's most distinctive creations are her desserts. She is a classically trained pastry chef with a certification in baking & patisserie from the Culinary Academy of California. But she is also a visual creator with a fine arts degree who works with elements of flavor, texture, shape, and color to produce desserts that are as tantalizing to the eye as they are pleasing to the palate. 

Lea creates a diverse and delicious menu with something for everyone.  Whether your prefer small bites to complement your wine selections or you are in the mood for a hearty meal, you will find something on our menu that will satisfy your craving.   

Giovanni Balistreri

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