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When the Cats Came Out to Play

The oldest Jaguar Club in North America pays a visit to Russian River Vineyards

When the Jaguar Associates Group set out on their Summer Drive, they set their sights on Sonoma County back roads for the driving, and Russian River Vineyards for the post drive meal and wine tasting. The group, with about 20 Jaguars, both contemporary and vintage models, came in for a socially distanced, outdoor lunch and tasting on our lower crush pad. Said Deborah Hartunian, First Vice President for the group and the point person on planning the event: “A lot of my members had never been there before. It was really new for all of us. Everyone was extremely happy. Everyone commented on how delicious the food was. Everybody was really, really happy. The service you guys provided was exemplary.”

With Covid-19 protocols in place and plenty of outdoor space, Russian River Vineyards provides a great alternative to restaurants or other indoor event spaces. Everybody was blown away by the beautiful and lovingly maintained automobiles. These cats can play in our yard any day!

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